Industrial energy consumers

Efficient solutions for energy consumption optimization with real-time monitoring and automation

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Manufacturing enterprises

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Agricultural producers

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Trade centers

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Administrative and public institutions

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Hotels and restaurants

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Efficient management of energy consumption

  • Real-time monitoring and analytics

    to give you a comprehensive overview of your energy consumption.
  • Identify key load components

    determining your energy profile, so you never miss the smallest detail.
  • Automate actions and processes

    to help you work more efficiently and reduce energy costs.
Illustration of platforms with industrial buildings generating different types of data

Precise forecasting of industrial energy consumption

  • Variety of AI/ML-based prediction models

    utilizing historical and weather data for highly accurate energy consumption forecasts.
  • Flexible planning tools

    that allow you to manage seasonal holidays, non-working days, maintenance, outages, and more.
  • Utilize multiple forecasting models

    to measure their performance and achieve better results.
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