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Why is ADEX Cast the new favorite among energy management systems?

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Artificial intelligence for more accurate forecasting

of energy production and consumption, via efficient AI/ML-based models that utilize historical data and accurate meteorological forecasts

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Flexible portfolio management

of any size and type, including green energy producers, energy consumers, and commercial deals, using simplified workflows

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Simplified data management

for faster and more efficient processing of metering and trading data, via automated data import/export features

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Automated scheduling and dispatching to TSO/DSO

saving your time from repetitive day-to-day tasks and removing the risk of unwanted mistakes

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Commercial optimization and automation

to reduce imbalance cost, maximize profit per MWh, and utilize market volatility

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Day-ahead and intraday forecasting of energy production

ADEX Cast is the perfect solution for RES (PV, Wind, Hydro) production forecasting, utilizing efficient forecasting models that combine historical and up-to-date meteorological data.

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What makes ADEX Cast the most accurate energy production forecast software:

  • Specific models for RES production forecasting based on geographical location, technical characteristics, historical, and meteorological data
  • Possibility to combine multiple models for more efficient forecasting
  • Day-ahead and intraday forecasting for up to 7 days
  • Forecast updates in intervals up to 15 minutes
  • Detailed configuration options and fine-tuning of forecasting models

Forecasting industrial and household energy consumption

Leverage a variety of cutting-edge AI/ML-based models for highly accurate energy consumption forecasts, combined with simplified and automated metering data processing.

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What makes ADEX Cast the perfect tool for energy consumption forecasting:

  • Various high-quality models for energy consumption forecasting based on historical data, including linear, ARIMA/SARIMA, seasonal, neural networks, weather-dependent models, and more
  • Near real-time forecast updates based on live data from measuring devices or SCADA
  • Ability to adjust forecasts for seasonal holidays, non-working days, maintenance, outages, etc.
  • Forecast performance metrics and analytics

Simplified and flexible energy portfolio management

ADEX Cast offers a flexible, centralized approach that automates and analyzes data for your entire energy mix, regardless of size and type, into a single, simplified solution.

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How does ADEX Cast facilitate the organization of your energy portfolio:

  • Support for different types of energy profiles – producers, consumers, and commercial
  • Specific configurations for each type of profile
  • Possibility to group and analyze multiple profiles in hierarchical structures
  • Automated data import using various data formats (XLSX, CSV, JSON, XML) and sources such as email, file uploads, or standard communication protocols
  • Detailed settlement reports, including imbalance (shortage/excess), production, consumption, and commercial exchange (deals or purchases)

Automated scheduling and dispatching to TSO/DSO

Ensure that your schedules are flawlessly dispatched on time by optimizing daily planning and scheduling activities without ever missing the smallest detail.

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What makes ADEX Cast your indispensable assistant in day-to-day activities:

  • Automatic nomination of forecasts into schedules
  • Quick and easy manual adjustments to nominated schedules
  • Automated dispatching of schedules to TSO/DSO
  • Support for multiple schedule versions to reduce risk and improve traceability
  • Effortless schedule status tracking for your entire portfolio
  • Automated notifications in case of dispatching issues, out-of-range schedule values, and more.

Seamless commercial optimization and automation

ADEX Cast allows you to automate your energy trading workflows, reducing efforts, optimizing imbalance costs, and maximizing margins by leveraging live data and short-term market volatility.

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How ADEX Cast helps you get the most out of your energy trading:

  • Live overview of your trade portfolio position along with up-to-date market data
  • Automated portfolio balancing on intraday markets
  • Automated dispatching to energy exchange soon
  • Commercial strategies for trade optimization on short-term markets soon
  • Integration with third-party algo-trading tools soon

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