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A suite of intelligent software tools that help you optimize and stay in charge of your energy eco-system running in the cloud or on-prem.

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    ADEX Cast

    Energy forecasting and portfolio management

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    ADEX Sales

    Energy billing, invoicing, and sales

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    Energy monitoring and automation

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    Energy market data and analytics

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Improved forecasting and planning

for RES and energy consumers to reduce imbalance costs

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Simplified portfolio management

of any size and type, facilitating daily workflows

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Optimized energy trading

for higher margins by utilizing live market data and trading tools

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Automated billing and invoicing

of energy services to reduce efforts and minimize errors

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Real-time monitoring and automation

of energy resources for better processes and analytics

Reporting & analytics
Automated energy production
Remote dispatching
Real-time monitoring
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Energo-pro Bulgaria

Centralized HPP management for Bulgaria's largest hydro energy producer

Energo-pro Bulgaria is a leading energy producer that manages 14 hydropower plants with a total capacity of more than 150 MW.

ADEX Energy provided an integrated, centralized energy management solution that enables real-time monitoring, automated management, and dispatching.

The solution has reduced imbalance costs by 300%, allowing for more precise and timely scheduling, as well as near real-time balancing between all distributed power plants.

Why choose our solutions?

Reduce energy costs

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Reduce energy costs

No matter whether you aim to optimize your imbalances or improve your energy efficiency, our solutions can significantly reduce your costs.

Increase productivity

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Increase productivity

By relying on automated tools in your daily work, you can achieve optimized workflows, improved employee performance, and better service quality for your customers.

Improve visibility

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Improve visibility

From real-time telemetry data to live market and weather data, our analytics and reporting tools will give you an advantage and help you make better decisions.

Increase trading capacity

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Increase trading capacity

Our automated trading tools will provide you with better insights and help you get the most out of your energy trading activities.

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"We strongly recommend all ADEX Energy solutions to companies that aim to optimize their costs and improve their energy resource management."

Boyan Karshakov Managing Director, Energo-pro Energy Services

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"With ADEX Sales, we have managed to fully automate our billing and invoicing processes, which has helped us improve our workflows and deliver better service to our customers."

Georgi Somov CEO, ACE Energy

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