Energy traders and retailers

Flexible tools for automated energy billing and trading

Illustration of platforms with billing, data and ai elements

Automated invoicing of energy services

  • Fully automated energy billing workflows

    including seamless invoice generation and email disptach.
  • Simplified import and management of usage data

    supporting various file formats, and direct integration with utility companies.
  • Customizable invoice templates with detailed usage reports

    to keep your customers informed and satisfied.
Illustration of platforms with a woman operationg with different sources of data

Flexible sales and facilitated customer management

  • Facilitated sales of energy services (electricity, water, gas, heat, etc.)

    with individual or group pricing policies, simplifying your daily workflows.
  • Fully automated flexible pricing models

    based on fixed tariffs or energy market prices, giving you a competitive advantage.
  • Specialized CRM features for energy companies

    allowing you to easily manage customer accounts, metering points, contracts, and documents.
Illustration of platforms with data chart that draws data from different sources - documents, weather, consumption

Access to up-to-date energy market data

  • Current data from European energy markets

    including energy price, load, generation, imbalances, cross-border prices, and more.
  • Accurate weather forecasts and historical data

    including temperature, wind, precipitation, cloud cover, and other meteorological data.
  • Easy access to data and analytics from any location

    for optimal planning and better trading decisions.
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