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Get a competitive advantage for your energy sales

Fully-automated billing software for seamless invoicing of complex energy services

Why is ADEX Sales the right energy billing solution for you?

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Facilitated energy sales

of electricity, gas, water, heat, etc., with individual or group pricing policies, simplifying your daily workflows

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Fully automated invoicing

based on energy consumption data from your customers, including document generation and email dispatching

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Flexible pricing models

based on fixed tariffs or energy market prices, giving you a competitive advantage

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Fast and simplified operations

allowing you to easily manage customer accounts, metering points, contracts, and documents

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Customer self-care portal

with online access to invoices and detailed usage reports, to keep your customers satisfied

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Facilitated sales of energy services via flexible tariffs

ADEX Sales is specialized billing software for selling energy products, featuring comprehensive pricing models that enable you to invoice complex services with just a few clicks.

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What are the main features of ADEX Sales:

  • Ability to sell different types of energy – electricity, water, gas, heat, and more
  • Offer services based on usage, quantity, or period of time
  • Define individual or group pricing policies
  • Pricing models based on fixed tariffs or energy market prices
  • Support for various payment methods

Fully automated and seamless invoicing process

No matter the size of your customer base, ADEX Sales fully automates core billing workflows, allowing you to set aside daily repetitive tasks and focus on developing your business.

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ADEX Sales will help you with:

  • Automated data import of energy usage from your customers
  • Bulk invoice generation using different criteria
  • Automated email dispatching of invoices
  • Customizable invoice templates with detailed usage reports
  • Capability to issue credit or debit notes
  • Support for various currencies and tax amounts
  • Integration with third-party accounting solutions

Specialized CRM features for energy companies

Gather and manage your customer contact data, metering locations, billing, and payment information easily in one place using our specialized CRM features.

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With ADEX Sales' CRM features, you get:

  • Detailed customer contact management
  • Documents and file management
  • Metering location management
  • Service contract management
  • Management of customer invoicing preferences
  • Ability to organize customers into customizable groups

Complete overview of your sales

ADEX Sales can save you precious time by ensuring seamless access to accurate and up-to-date analytics of key KPIs for your business.

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With ADEX Sales you may be just a click away from:

  • Detailed invoicing reports based on various criteria such as customer accounts, invoicing groups, metering locations, pricing policies, and more
  • Detailed payment reports providing actual payment status, including overdue payments
  • Detailed energy consumption reports based on customer accounts, groups of customers, or pricing policies
  • Metering location reports, contract status reports, pricing policy reports, and more
  • Customizable data exports available in XLSX format

Maximum convenience for your customers

Improve communication with your customers and provide added-value services by granting them access to ADEX Cast's web-based self-care portal.

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With ADEX Sales your customers will get:

  • Online access to their personal profile, documents, contracts, and invoices
  • Access to up-to-date information for their energy usage for any given period and location
  • Automated notifications for new invoices
  • Option for online payments, so your customers can benefit from a digital payment process

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