We provide solutions that enable any energy business to grow and become more sustainable

Our mission is to help energy producers, consumers, traders, utilities, and operators improve their processes through digitalization and automation.

Who we are?

We are a team of passionate software engineers and energy experts with extensive expertise and many years of experience. Our team includes:

  • Software engineers with combined experience of over 30 years
  • Specialists in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data sciences
  • Consultants with rich experience in the field of energy trading and management on the European markets

What we do?

We specialize in building digital products for the energy industry. We offer software solutions that support your work in the following areas:

  • Forecasting of energy production and consumption
  • Energy portfolio management
  • Optimization and automation of energy trading
  • Automated sales and invoicing of energy services
  • Real-time monitoring and automation of energy resources
  • Energy market data and analytics

How we do it?

We take care of the entire process, from the first meeting to the moment we achieve your goals. We partner with you at every stage to ensure smooth integration and high results. Our approach includes:

  • Needs analysis and selection of the right solutions
  • Software integration and training
  • Monitoring and measuring results
  • Regular optimization and improvement of our solutions

Why we do it?

As a technology company, we are driven by innovation and its application for the benefit of businesses and society. We believe that any business problem can be solved with intelligent, reliable, and easy-to-use software. Our goal is to deliver excellent products that help our customers achieve the following:

  • Eliminate operational inefficiencies and improve workflows
  • Improve employee efficiency
  • Improve the visibility of data and processes
  • Reduce energy balancing costs
  • Reduce energy consumption costs
  • Increase energy trading capacity and maximize margins
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Energy portfolio operators

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Energy traders & retailers

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Utilities and system operators

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Renewable energy producers

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Industrial energy consumers

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